We are members of the British Veterinary Hospital Association, one of only few practices in West Yorkshire to achieve veterinary hospital status.

The Benefits to your Pets of using a BVHA Hospital


One of the most important aspects of a Veterinary Hospital is that they have members of staff on the premises 24 hours a day specifically responsible for the care of any in-patients.


Our experienced night team are here at Leeds Emergency Vets to continue the treatment and close observation of your pets round the clock. This gives the patients the best opportunity to make a full recovery.


Independent Inspection


BVHA Hospital members have voluntarily agreed to have an intensive examination and inspection of their practices. This inspection is carried out by independent inspectors appointed by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS), our governing body.


The inspection covers a whole range of issues relating to the care of patients – for example the continuing education of staff, the provision of anaesthetic monitoring and laboratory equipment, the quality of radiographic (X-ray) facilities and the suitability of kennelling. It also covers the physical aspects of the buildings - for example the provision isolation facilities to prevent the spread of disease from contagious patients.


Abbey House clients can have the reassurance of knowing that emergency cover is at their fingertips in the practice that knows and cares for their pets. Other local veterinary practices also choose to use this service because it avoids their staff having to work long hours "on call".


For more information about the British Veterinary Hospital Association please visit: www.bvha.org.uk