We are members of the British Veterinary Hospital Association, one of only few practices in West Yorkshire to achieve veterinary hospital status.



Anyone can establish a pet or animal hospital but only those practices who have been assessed to the very highest standards by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons can proudly call themselves a VETERINARY HOSPITAL.


We are members of the British Veterinary Hospital Association and are one of only a very few practices in West Yorkshire to achieve veterinary hospital status.


The RCVS require that a veterinary hospital not only has the necessary facilities and equipment but that the standard of care and expertise is of the highest order. Our aim is simply to meet and exceed those exacting standards at every level. You can be confident that your pet will be very well looked after here.


Our modern Veterinary Hospital includes the following facilities:

  • Sterile Operating Theatres - with a wide range of surgical equipment to enable us to carry out complicated, life saving operations on the spot as well as routine surgeries.
  • Modern Anaesthetic Machines - using the latest anaesthetic agents so that we can safely anaesthetise your pets from the smallest hamster to the largest Great Dane. Your pets safety is always our priority.
  • Endoscopic Examinations - allow the insertion of a flexible camera into the bowel and lungs of your pet to diagnose many conditions that otherwise are difficult to detect.
  • Ultrasound - to confirm and monitor pregnancies and also to carry out detailed examinations of the heart, liver and other abdominal organs without the risk of general anaesthetic or operations.
  • A Practice Laboratory - we can carry out tests at night and at weekends when commercial laboratories are closed. Our lab also allows us to perform pre-anaesthetic blood tests on the day of surgery to check kidney and liver function so that the most appropriate method of anaesthesia can be used.
  • Digital X-rays - providing same day results and just as importantly expert interpretation by an experienced veterinary surgeon with a certificate in veterinary radiology.
  • Hospitalisation Facilities - backed up by 24-hour nursing care. There is always a veterinary surgeon and a member of the nursing staff on duty 24-hours a day, every day of the year including Christmas Day. We take our commitment to nursing your pets very seriously indeed.
  • Intensive Care Unit - dedicated area next to the prep room and laboratory. Suction, piped oxygen and an oxygen cage are available to treat animals with circulatory or respiratory disease. Equipped with Minray multi media monitors and 24 hour nursing available where needed.
  • Oncology Unit - A quiet and calm area where we can hospitalise up to 5 patients who need chemotherapy treatment. The unit is equipped with a cytotoxic containment cabinet and the latest in needle free drug administration system to ensure maximum safety.
  • CT Scanner - Human grade Siemans CT scanner for the production of radiographic images as multiple slices of the patient allowing reconstruction in multiple planes as well as surface rendering to give a 3D impression of the patient. Invaluable for the investigation of ear and nasal disease as well as assessment of cancer patients, lameness investigations and certain spinal conditions.