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Is your pet scared of fireworks?


Firework season is upon us again and with over 80% of owners reporting that their pets are scared of fireworks this can be a stressful time of year for animals and owners alike. However many firework fears/noise phobias can be successfully managed with the use of pheromone and calming products in conjunction with behavioural advice.

Top tips for bonfire night


- Provide a den for your dog in their favourite place and provide elevated hiding places for cats

- Ignore fearful behaviour

- Keep cats indoors

- Walk your dog before dusk to avoid fireworks

- Turn up the radio or TV to drown out the noise of fireworks

- Shut the curtains so that flashes in the sky cannot be seen

- Bring animals which are usually housed outside indoors

- Use appropriate products recommended by your vet

- Although cats may not necessarily develop a noise phobia, confining them indoors during fireworks can be stressful and lead to unwanted behaviours such as urine marking and vertical scratching. Therefore the use of a pheromone product such as Feliway is advisable.


Abbey House offers free appointments with the practice nurse for advice on dealing with your pets during the firework season. if you would like to book an appointment or would like advice on available products please contact us on our main reception numbers


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