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Ball Nightmare!

Our emergency night team were put on high alert when they knew a choking dog was on it way to the surgery.


When the playful pet was brought in to the surgery, it soon became clear that the vet would need to anaesthetise the dog to be able to retrieve the ball that was firmly stuck in the throat.


It was a successful procedure and fortunately no harm had been caused, however when we saw the ball we knew it was trouble. It was identical to one that had been removed less than 18 months ago from a cocker spaniel who had been brought down to the surgery under similar conditions.


It was another lucky escape and a reminder of the dangers of throwing balls to dogs.


Often these balls are of a suitable size when purchased for a puppy but as the puppy grows then the danger of the balls getting stuck become greater. So please be aware and make sure that any object thrown for your pet is of a safe size.


Abbey House would also recommend never to throw sticks for your dogs to catch or fetch. See 'The Mother of All Stick Injuries' Sept 2009 to see how it can go wrong!

Billy's ball

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