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Fly Strike Kills Rabbits

This is a condition which occurs in the summer months when flies lay their eggs around the rabbit’s rear end, or within the faeces in the hutch. The eggs turn to maggots which feed from the faeces and eventually the rabbit, burrowing into its flesh!


PREVENTION is better than cure. If caught quickly enough some rabbits can be treated, but fly strike is often FATAL.



STEP 1- check that their fur is clean and dry and not matted with faeces. If you see maggots on your rabbit immediately remove them using warm water. Thoroughly dry the area and contact your vet straight away.


STEP 2 – change soiled bedding every day. Use plenty of good quality absorbent bedding in your rabbit’s toilet area to avoid moisture. CLEAN EVERY DAY!


STEP 3 – once a week disinfect the hutch. Remove everything from the hutch and disinfect using a purpose made solution suitable for use with small animals, non toxic hutch cleaner.


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