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More unusual patients needing our help!

As most of you will know the out of hours emergency service at Abbey House goes under the name of Leeds Emergency Vets. We see all manner of animals and last weekend was no exception. On Friday evening one of our animal handler’s brought a goat on a lead through to the preps area. It had a nasty gash on its nose but otherwise appeared well. Fortunately we have baled hay ready for, amongst others, our rabbit inpatients, as well as a supply of fresh vegetables so it wasn’t long before our caprine friend was tucking in to an appropriate diet. We did wonder whether we might use him on ceremonial occasions at Abbey House, (not that there are many of those!) but the following day his owners arrived at the practice and he was whisked off to his home.


On the Sunday the RSPCA brought in a swan. We see these creatures every now and again and entanglement in fishing tackle is typical of the injuries experienced by them. This one had a particularly severe injury with the three, three-pronged and barbed hooks attaching its wing to its foot as well as to a large nylon sheet. This was debilitating and distressing for the bird but we managed to cut the barbed sections from the hooks and free the limbs. Antibiotics and pain killers were given and it was then placed in one of our kennels where it eat well until collected by an RSPCA inspector and taken to a rehabilitation centre.


This story had a happy outcome but this is not always the case and emphasises the importance of the disposal of fishing tackle in such a way that it does not cause severe and life threatening injuries to the wild birds gracing our waterways.

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