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Update on Horace our Dogs for Good Assistance Dog

Following our Charity walk in October 2015, we were able to join the Dogs for Good Puppy Partners Club and are sponsoring the training of assistance dog Horace.


Horace will be 9 months old on the 25th August and we have received an update on him from his puppy socialiser Sonia, and Coordinator Julia.


"Horace is doing well and we really enjoy looking after him. He loves everyone he meets and is a fun dog to play with. Horace LOVES going for a free run, especially if there is a stream or pond he can splash around in.There is also a huge amount of fun that can be had in a muddy puddle. He enjoys puppy class and learning new things, although he does get excited when we arrive. He's starting to understand that quiet concentration is what's needed and settles more quickly, once the initial flurry of greetings is dealt with. He's such a sociable dog who wants to be friends with everyone. He loves being in the garden and playing with his toys, especially his ball. He likes to carry it round and show it to you, in the hope that this will prompt a game of fetch. Horace is good company and always so pleased to see you, even when you've only been out of the room for ten minutes, which is lovely."  Sonia, Socialiser

From the age of six months onwards, the focus for Sonia shifts to transferring the training they have completed at home or in puppy classes to 'real-life' situations and environments. Ensuring Horace returns when called if walking in the park and helping him learn to settle in busy places, such as cafes and restaurants. Horace will need to learn how to walk nicely on a loose lead in their local town and not be distracted by shoppers, sounds and smells.


"I'm pleased with Horace's progress. He's a happy and confident young dog who is doing well at puppy class. This 'teenage period' can be a trying time for our socialisers, who often find their previously well behaved young puppy develops a rebellious streak and starts to test the boundaries of acceptable behaviour. We practice distraction techniques at puppy class, so the dogs learn to keep there attention closely focused on their socialisers, no matter how tempting whatever is going on around them is"  Julia, Puppy Coordinator


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